Safety Culture



  "Always, Always, second guess the markings, look for any utility poles, grass on locations, understand the locations of the lines to ensure they correspond with the site layout; prove the plan before you start the work."  

  Our "Lead from the Front" approach equips us to maintain an industry-leading EMR Rating of .7.  



 Equipment Inspections, Daily Job Safety Analyses, Training are separate but equal parts of our comprehensive Safety Compliance Program. 


Case Management

Our first priority is the safety and well-being of all crews working in and around our work area. 

We believe that every incident is avoidable. 

To leverage the collective knowledge of all crews, we share Lessons Learned among crews and treat all "near miss" events as real world events so that we can promote greater accountability and achieve our goals 1) Zero incidents and 2) To leave every site in a safer condition than when we first arrived.